Hibu Web Design – An Honest Review

If you’re in the market for a cheap website, you’ve likely come across Hibu, a division of Yellowbook that sells low-cost web design. They seem like a nice enough business: they’ve got an okay website, low rates, and a pretty good sales pitch – but with prices that low, if you’re like many business owners, […]

PRWeb Review – Scam or Genius Marketing Tool?

If you’re a business owner and you’ve stumbled around the web recently, you’ve probably encountered a number of ads for PRWeb – a service that offers to promote your business through press releases. About once a week, I get a call from someone at PRWeb who describes their offerings – and I’ve always politely declined, […]

Intuit Web Design Review – Scam or great deal?

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there are a couple of web design firms out there, somewhere to the tune of 100,000, which means that things can get pretty competitive. While the average firm charges at least $2,500 for a site, a few large companies have gotten into the business of extremely cheap web design. […]