Is 123 Triad Web Design a Scam? An Honest Review

If you’ve done a Google search for web design lately (I know I have, but it’s my job to) you’re extremely likely to have seen text ads touting “$599 Web Design!” or “$899 Web Design!” from 123 Triad, a company that claims to be the largest web design firm in the U.S. Click on one […]

Session Replay – The Creepy New Way Websites Are Spying on You

Session Replay is the one of the newest varieties of In-Page Analytics that offers webmasters the ability to view recordings of live user interactions, including mouse movements, clicks, and keyboard entries in forms. The recordings are stored in a database and can be played back later, just like watching a video of everything a user […]

Stop Branding, Start Working – Why Your Branding is Killing Your Small Business

If you’re running a small business, it’s likely that you’re spending several hours a day thinking about a nebulous concept – branding. You’ve probably been told thousands of times that branding is the reason that big businesses are successful. You’ve often heard things like “McDonald’s brand is worth $3 billion,” or “that thing that that […]

New Website Owners – 5 Incredibly Easy Sites to Boost Your Search Engine Rank

Getting highly ranked in search engines is hard, really hard. When launching a new site, you’re likely up against thousands of well established competitors who have already established their web presence and have gained lots of backlinks online, and matching up against these businesses can seem impossible. Lucky for you, it’s not. When you’re early […]